Replacement Battery 12V 7.2Ah SLA for Hills Alarm Systems and NBN

$48.00 including GST

Ideal as a replacement battery for NBN systems, UPS and  Hills Alarm Systems – fitted with 4.8mm spade connections.

Please double check before purchasing that this is the correct battery.

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These versatile Sealed Lead Acid batteries have a huge range of uses and are often found in alarm systems, NBN installations, and other critical systems such as Uninterruptable Power Supplies.


Tech Specs:

  • Initial Charge current: Less than 2.16A at 14.4V~15V @ 25degC
  • Discharge current: 20 hr rate 360mA (7.2Ah)
  • Max Discharge Current (5 sec): 108A
  • Weight: 2.2kg